Basura Cero (zero waste) is a not-for-profit organization in Puerto Rico who are determined to reduce the trash that ends up in landfills by diverting waste to proper recycling facilities. For Basura Cero, my team and I developed a communication strategy to relay their message to the civil society of Puerto Rico, so that the youth demand more from their government.

And with this ambitious aim, we created Guardians of Paradise.

This project was done as part of a communications design class in DSI under the mentorship of Cheryl Heller. We started the project by uncovering truths about zero waste in Puerto Rico, redefining a vision and promise statement for the organization and finally wrote a creative brief for ourselves that guided our entire design process. 

Team: Pragya Mahendru, Karina Davilla, Karla Desperadel, Marlyn Martinez, Kendall Murphy


An app to encourage college students save more money.

Team: Ananya Singh, Tannushree Aggarwal, Aayushi Satiya

Child Health Card for rural India

This was an attempt to redesign the child health card for rural India, in collaboration with Aayushi Satiya and Malvika Navale for a Bill and Malida Gates Foundation design competition.