Objective: Innovate a new clean water delivery model which ensures that villagers in rural Odisha are always drinking clean water.

Outcome: I partnered with Spring Health, a water delivery company. Through extensive research practices and prototyping tools, I developed a hypothesis that gave me deep insight into the users behaviors.

Result: A new subscription model that ensures that the villagers always have access to clean water near them, but also saves time and cost for Spring Health in their daily delivery.

The further people live from a source of clean drinking water, the less likely they are to drink it. Spring Health, a clean water service, is addressing this issue by delivering to the doorstep of customers in rural India every morning. They have reached 260 villages, providing clean water to 146,000 people, but their growth has stopped. Wealthier with water is a new subscription model, designed to ensure an increase in daily use of clean water by reducing the amount of bad water consumed, while still being financially profitable to Spring Health.

Ethnographic reseach.